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The choir “I Cantori di Tolfa” consists of 29 singers made up of sopranos, contraltos, tenors, and bases. It sings mainly a cappella. (Photo)

Born 30 years ago, it is one of the realities of Tolfa that has taken the voice of the hill town to other parts of Italy and overseas - to Malta - singing pieces from its repertory, which  ranges  from mountain songs to regional pieces, from church and classical music to opera. At present it is preparing a repertory of Renaissance pieces during twice-weekly rehearsals, trying as always to improve its performance. 

For many years the choir was directed by Antonio Donnini, to whom unconditional thanks are due for all he taught the choir. The direction is now in the hands of Prof. Francesco Ceccarelli, who with flair and professionalism has brought new vigour to the choir. In July 2007, the Choir travelled to Ragalnà, near Catania in Sicily, to participate in the Ragalnà IV International Choir Festival, where it achieved outstanding success.  It should be mentioned that the choir had been invited by the Sicilian organizers only after a severe selection process.

The choir also performed in Civitavecchia on the occasion of a pastoral visit by Pope John Paul II, repeating the experience in St Peter’s, Rome, where it sang during a solemn mass led by the Holy Father.